Gluten Free Kale Band goes to Bernieing Sanders Man 2015:A Media Streaming announcement.

imageHello folks! Greetings from the hippie van! Your favorite universe channeling improv music group Gluten Free Kale is imageon our way to Asheville for this dope festival called Bernieing Sanders Man! Activities include ayahuasca workshops brainstorming universal health care plans. Bernie Sanders plans to announce his decision to try and get medicinal psychedelic trip’s covered under health insurance at this festival. We believe it will truly get the youth vote. He also intends to in-state Burning Man accessibility meaning burning man will no longer be for only the top 1% of hippies.

Queen Quinoa and Recycling  the members of Gluten Free Kale Will be media streaming the whole trip down and will be showing you not the minimum wage of fun they’re having in photos, videos and recordings

Follow Instagram Stream @2kedalow

Follow our hashtags! #BernieSanders2016 #BernieingSandersMan #HilaryClintonIsARepublican #GlutenFreeKale #HippieBullshit #RecyclingandQueenQuinoa #Recycling #QueenQuinoa #DonaldChump

Full List of Activities and Events at Bernieing Sanders Man

– Flaming Bonfire of Military Expenditures

– Performance of  “Communist Manifesto The Musical”

– Colonel Bernie Sanders Chicken Cook Off

– Legalize Potluck (bring you favorite thc induced dish)

– “Dirty, Clean, Hard, Wet and just Plain Easy ;)” an experiment using orgy powered generators – also known as “fuck the two person relationship system”

– Corporate Accountability Spit Roast

– Democratic Circle Jerk led by Senator John Kerry

– Pin the Toupee on the Bigot – A Donald Trump Study (also for kids!)

– Fudge Drive

-Walrus Party

– For the Kids: Marxist and Me Classes, “Hilary Clinton is actually a Republican” a puppet show (puppets made out of voting ballets)and Konsensus 4 Kids.

Please follow us on our Bernie Sanders adventure if you’re interested will be attending Birding man next month (in Portland!) an alternative birdwatching festival.

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What I wish was happening in the world (Part 1: Food, Basic Needs and Money)

People like to call me negative.

I’ll admit it. I am negative as fuck. I am as cynical as the worst of them. I’ll admit this is my biggest flaw. However, I do not think I am aimlessly negative. I do not think I’m negative to be negative or maybe it started out for good reasons and has turned into a shitty habit, but anyway I am going to go into what kinds of things I wish were happening in the world.

I wish money did not exist. Or at least I wish money existed in a different way than it does today. It appears to me the capitalist myth is that if you work hard you will be able to make a lot of money. I know plenty of people who work really hard, but maybe didn’t have enough money, weren’t able to get a scholarship, didn’t want to fuck themselves over by taking out loans, but still worked hard at whatever job they could find. It can be hard to get a decent paying job, even if one is willing to work their ass off.

No matter what kind of job someone has they are slaves to money. Money represents whether or not someone is able to have their basic needs. Money in our society seems to be worth more than food and shelter. Its fucking pathetic honestly. Money has become god. We worship that fucker.

Money bitch

“Alright, alright young and idealist kid, what do you suppose we do instead of money.”

I’d like to get rid of money, but most people can’t even handle this concept. When I was in college for five minutes I mentioned in a class that it would probably be interesting to live in a world without money. This girl starts freaking out going “So then how would I pay my bills?”

This tells me most people just don’t get it. If people need to worship their money god then I think basic necessities should be free. Food, shelter, water, clothing (not for fashion reasons, but warmth reasons.) Luxuries should be what we use money for, electronics(though internet should be free to access, because information should be free) fashionable clothing, etc. Although if I had it my way we’d kill advertising and most people wouldn’t be buying crap they really don’t need. Although I should mention I think technology is pretty awesome, I am not shitting on educational electronics.

Food, shelter, water. These things are already free to people who are very poor, but lets face it, its really fucking substandard. Most homeless shelters are dangerous or really crowded, who wants to try and live there with their kids? A miserable life, no one should have to do that.


Food. A big one for me. Food stamps exist, but I once met a woman with a family of four, it is difficult to feed a family of four with under 200 a month. You can, but healthy food is expensive. Organic food and non-GMO food is expensive. Is health for the rich? Is having access to healthy food a privilege? It fucking shouldn’t be.

People seem to think there isn’t enough food to go around. There is. Its just in a fucking dumpster. A lot of food gets thrown out. I know a co-house in Washington DC where they dumpster a large majority of their food so that everyone in their house can afford to live there. They all have various levels of income. Therefore making their living situation not super classist.

Alright I’ve talked a bunch of shit about the system.

Some of my possibly not completely thought out solutions:

I want to buy one of those smaller islands off of New York City and build giant Vertical Farming towers. I think it would be cool if it was run kind of like a food co-op. If you work there a certain number of hours a month food is free to you. I’m sure we’d have to organize things a little more to make sure everyone got a fair share,  but it could work. People with disabilities could be given jobs that don’t require physical labor so that it is inclusive as possible.

I also think we should be using big chunks of Central Park and Prospect Park to have huge community gardens. Homeless folks or whoever could work there and be able to actually survive without having to deal with money. Saving the seeds every year would prevent the need to buy more seeds.

^These ideas may be hard to reach, but I can dream and speak about it. I am also working on a project with my house THE FAY to neutralize the soil in our area (It has tons of lead in it) We want to give people food autonomy by giving them a garden and teaching them about growing their own food. I would love to get a grant to do that, unfortunately this plays into the money system..

Tune in next time for “What I wish was happening in the world (Part Two: Education and Emotional Conditioning)”



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Peeing in the Shower: Essay #1

When I was in 4th grade my teacher Mr. C used to say “When you’re done with my class you’ll be able to write a five paragraph essay on anything.” I decided to put that to the test. I have a list of topics ranging from mundane to bizarre.

Here is my first essay on Peeing in the Shower.

The youth of America has been burdened with the negative cultural viewpoint on the act of urinating in the shower.  This cultural taboo probably dates back many generations, my mother told me not to pee in shower and her mother just alike. Perhaps this taboo started during the Great Depression. People during this era were probably not aware of the antiseptic qualities of urine. Perhaps they feared they would have to clean out their bathtubs more often, therefore, wasting water and cleaning product than they could afford. In reality, this taboo probably started much earlier, but I’ll bet it had more to do with hygiene than anything else. No matter how this urine shower negativity came about the forbidden aspect certainly contributes to the recreation of the activity.

Should I pee in here or in the toilet like a "civilized person?"

Should I pee in here or in the toilet like a “civilized person?”

   It’s the reason children grow up to be pot smoking, alcohol drinking, and, in extreme cases, heroin shooting teenagers. Their psychologically uneducated parental figures told them “Do not do drugs. Drugs are bad!” The inner-rebel has a tendency to set in sometimes after age twelve and kids want to do drugs. The desire to taste the forbidden fruit lies deep down in all of us, for some it stays dormant. For most, this desire probably exists long before the pre-teen years, just the whole “Just Say No” thing is rammed into our heads before we can even contemplate what a drug might be.  Peeing in the shower? Now that is a lot less talked about. There are not cute little cartoons on TV telling us not to pee in the shower, just this mild cultural negativity towards such an act.

                Lets face it, sometimes taking a piss in the shower is just down right convenient. In the winter time, in a poorly heated home, the shower can be the greatest source of warmth around. Say you’re talking a wonderful hot shower after a long freezing day and you feel the urge to pee come on. You wouldn’t want to get out of your comfort zone and walk on the icy floor, now would you? It’s ridiculous to go through all that trouble when there is a drain right in front of you. We’ve all done it. The whole idea that it might piss off your ma and poppy probably adds to the experience. Even if you’re well into your thirties you’re most likely subconsciously effected by the piss off parents factor.

                There are folks that take this Eve’s Apple urine in shower complex to the next level. You can bet that anything forbidden will turn inti a ridiculous or not so ridiculous fetish in comparison to others. Golden shower’s is actually a huge thing. This means some people enjoy being pissed on or pissing on by their sexual partners. This is mild compared to the infamous bug-hunters- people who get turned on by the idea of getting AIDS. Golden showers in the actual shower is probably be the most hygienic way to go about experimenting with this fetish. Once the game is played and done, both partners (or more) could rinse off right afterwards and would not have to worry about cleaning sheets with piss all over them. Urinating in a shower that is used by multiple people might actually be hygienic. Often sharing showers without washing them can be a great way to spread foot fungi. Urine has some antiseptic qualities and could potential clear a shower of foot diseases. However, urine is only sterile to its original carrier, so this might not be the best idea.

                The taboo against urinating in the shower is just another way “the man” is trying to keep us in boxes. The man wants us to fear what can be good for us and what can be fun. Fun is not alright unless we are paying for it. Of course as mentioned earlier, some might feel they are spending more money by having to clean piss out of the shower. The antiseptic quality of piss is not a widespread idea and they certainly make sure pee is “icky” to little children. Of course the system may be profiting off the “pee in shower” idea, forcing the old fashioned adults to buy more cleaning products when their children take up the habit. I remember a character in the children’s movie Jimmy Neutron happily peeing in the shower, probably influencing quite a few children to pee in the shower. Cultural taboos have never done us any good. Look at what’s been going on with marijuana! Marijuana has multitudes of healing properties. Your parents were wrong.

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Dreaming of Edible Paint

I really love to paint. It does wonders for my emotional health. I feel like paint, especially acrylic paint, is the most versatile medium I’ve been exposed to.

Acrylic paint is possibly the safest kind of paint that is easy to acquire, but I do not think it is the best thing for my physical health. I am an extremely messy artist. I will often paint when I have ten minutes to spare, meaning that I will often forget to wash paint off my skin before going on to my next task. Oil paint would be terrible for an artist like myself to use, the fumes make people sick. Even though acrylic isn’t nearly as bad I do not know what the long term effects can be and I really do not like using random chemicals for an activity I find so therapeutic.


Frying the coconut oil with Spinach dye and cornstarch. The Tumeric yellow kind of blended with it.

The idea to make my own paint has been floating around in my head for a while. I wouldn’t have to buy it, the fact that I have to buy it so often is really against my personal philosophy of “fuck money”. I thought it might be fantastic to make paint out of natural materials that would be safe to eat.

This weekend my friend and fellow painter, Piera came to visit me. I told her my idea and we got to work. She taste-tested much of the paint.

I had done a little bit of reading online about making homemade paints. Many of the articles recommended making a tempera type paint out of egg, but I really didn’t want these paints to rot too easily. I read cornstarch and milk would be good ingredients, so I thought we’d try those and go from there. Piera thought we could also try using some kind of oil, especially since we planned to apply heat to some of the materials. We also added coconut oil to our list of ingredients.  Hurray for experimentation.

For pigments I had Red Malabar spinach dye. I had thought turmeric would be great because I cook with turmeric a lot and have a lot of fantastically dyed yellow articles of clothing.

The yellow on the left is how the oily-liquid tumeric turned out.

The water-color like yellow on the left is how the oily-liquid tumeric turned out.The pink-purple on the right is different kinds of paint made from the spinach dye. The red-brown is the paprika.

The first kind we tried was actually somewhat of a success. We created a sort of oil-based yellow ink made from coconut oil, cornstarch and turmeric, we applied this to heat and it came out rather nice. Unfortunately once we waited a few hours it dried a bit and it turned kind of waxy. When I tried to apply it to my painting it didn’t really show up. I wonder if I could have melted it and used it, sort of like encaustic paints? I may try this next time.

We tried again with the turmeric, but this time adding some soy milk and whipping it, sort of like a rue. It came out, well, like a yellow rue. It was slightly clumping and I thought it would not work well, but it turned out to be really fun to use as sort of a thick paste. One of my favorites to play with actually.

Clumpy Tumeric-soy milk paint.

Clumpy Tumeric-soy milk paint.

We tried making the oil based ink with the spinach dye, like we did with the turmeric, but since the dye is water-based it did not want to mix with the oil. Not wanting to waste it, we threw in some soy milk, making a strange pinkish/purple clump. This stuff was meh, not as cool as the yellow.

Orange peel on Piera's painting... Check out the full scale of it on this post.

Orange peel on Piera’s painting “Chrysanthemum” (Fun game.. try to find the orange peel,she painted on it) … I added to it a bit. Check out the full scale of it on this post.

We tried to make paint out of chili pepper and milk, but the chili pepper did not want to release its color. Instead we made a paprika ink, applied to heat. It came out a dark, dark red, almost brown. It led a similar life to ink yellow and turned wax like, but since it was so dark it would look nice when I spread it over a surface.

The Malabar Spinach milk/cornstrach mixture.

The Malabar Spinach milk/cornstrach mixture.

The Spinach dye actually made a fantastic ink on its own, but to make the color a little more solid I put in a bit of soy milk and cornstarch. This was without applying any heat. The cornstarch fell to the bottom and that scrapping the bottom of the container made it came out looking sort of tempera –like, but dried in a pastel sort of way.

At the last minute we found some cranberry and simply mixed that with milk, it was like a light glaze.

My Elephant Painting!

My Elephant Painting!

I painted an elephant. I talk about art as re-arranging things that already existing into something different. Usually I just use materials other people made, the paint, but now I am re-arranging materials into materials that I re-arrange into pictures. Elephants never forget, I do not forget the history of my materials. It was really fun to mold with the thicker paints.

Piera painted a very interesting painting using our “paints” and all kinds of other materials, including an orange peel! She let me add to it the following day.

I plan to continue experimenting. I want to try using this sunflower seed I heard makes a dark purplish ink. I also want to try beets, and perhaps mashed carrots?

Close up on Elephan Painting

Close up on Elephan Painting

I really liked how the cornstarch looked. I read that soap flakes work great with cornstarch and pigment today. I think I will try that soon, but I am going to try and make my own soap first.

I will update ya’ll on how my elephant painting progresses.

Please experiment and let me know what you come up with!

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Art-Sharing Communard

Tip: Click to pictures to open them in new taps for super close-up looks at the art!

I live in an income-sharing community. I am happy to share money, space, food, clothing, and more with many people.

"Chrysanthemum" mostly by Piera Yerkes and some by Belladonna Took Edalow

“Chrysanthemum” mostly by Piera Yerkes and some by Belladonna Took Edalow

"The Circle of Soap" by Belladonna Took Edalow and Piera Yerkes

“The Circle of Soap” by Belladonna Took Edalow and Piera Yerkes

Somewhat recently, it was brought to my attention that I am god awful at sharing artistically.


Close ups of "The Circle of Soap" Close up of “The Circle of Soap”

First, I got into a brief disagreement with someone I live with because they added to a piece I drew on the walls in a public space. I got upset. I think we took about ten minutes to ourselves. I originally did not want to talk about it yet, but then I decided I probably should. I knew I really had no good reason to be upset. This person believed the walls in the space were for public use and was supposed to be a large collaboration. I said that I liked the idea of that, but I had a hard time dealing with it in reality.

Then I was Dungeon Master for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and someone who was helping me a bit with the technical aspect told me he felt I did not really let him put any of his ideas into the campaign. He said that I seemed a bit possessive of my creative projects.  In this specific instance I was not aware of his desire to collaborate more artistically or maybe I was, but chose to be blind to it. Either way, I realized it was something I needed to think about.

I want to share. Creating is a beautiful thing and I love bringing people together, so why not bring people together using my favorite activity? Arting!

I started by giving the person I had the original disagreement with a painting that they could add to any time they want. I am hoping this will be a back and forth project that could possibly go on for a while.

I decided to paint a collaborative painting with another friend. We were talking a lot about life experiences and what it is like relating to people, so we decided to make that the theme of our collaboration. It ended up being about different stages of a life. We wrote a lot of poetic words on it. The painting shows life stages such as pre-life, the egg coming down from the fallopian tube, the sperm coming to fertilize it, and the spirit world after life.

It was very generous of Piera to let me add to her piece. I was not brave enough to let her add to any of my already started pieces. It is something I am continuously thinking about and working towards.

Belladonna and Piera collaborating quite well.

Belladonna and Piera collaborating quite well.

A Work in Progress.. A Belladonna Took Edalow solo-piece

A Work in Progress.. A Belladonna Took Edalow solo-piece

I use art as therapy and I think it is important for me to have some pieces that I work on solely by myself, pieces that are reflections of my own personal experiences, feelings, and thoughts. However, I am quickly learning it is important to have a balance. I can learn a lot and open up my creative filters more when collaborating with another being.

I highly recommend this thing called collaboration.

Many different close-ups of Chrysanthemum by Piera Yerkes and sort of  Took Edalow (me!)

Close up of Painting IMG_1492 IMG_1491 IMG_1490Close ups of "Chrysanthemum" IMG_1515


 IMG_1487  IMG_1485 IMG_1484

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The Loneliness of a 1990s Born Barbra Streisand Fan

“Well, she really likes Barbra Streisand…”

South Park's "Mecha-Streisand"

South Park’s “Mecha-Streisand”

My friend Piera told her dad when he asked about the person she was visiting.

A classic picture of Ms. Streisand

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Well, actually, legend..Apparently Barbra Streisand is a huge fan of the pizza place in my old neighborhood called The House Of Calzone.

I am the youngest person I have ever met who enjoys Barbra Streisand to the degree that I do. Some people around my age inform me they enjoy her voice, but many have never heard of her.The other ones who have heard of her are simply familiar with the character of “Mecha-Streisand” in South Park. These sort of Streisandaphobes have let popular culture influence their opinion on my dear Babs. The truth is I have pretty old school tastes when it comes to music and I often feel a lot older when people play music “the kids these days” listen to. I had to specifically request that we “not listen to Derpsterp” (my word for dubstep) the other day while hanging out with a group.I grew up performing with various youth groups, inside and outside of school. Often I was around a bunch of other kids who had ranging obsessions with Musical Theatre. Some of them knew who she was and liked her.

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Barbra Streisand grew up around Newkirk Ave and Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn, New York.

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Barbra Streisand grew up around Newkirk Ave and Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn, New York.

If you didn’t know already, Barbra Streisand was a Broadway actress before she did movies. She first played Miss Marmelstein in I can get it for you wholesale. This led to the role that would change her career in Funny Girl. It is a musical about Fanny Brice, the first “ugly” girl in the Ziegfield Follies.

Poster for The Ziegfield Follies-Barbra Streisand covered the song "My Man" in the movie version of Funny Girl and on many albums.

Poster for The Ziegfield Follies-Barbra Streisand covered the song “My Man” in the movie version of Funny Girl and on many albums.

Now I have to explain what that is.. The Ziegfield Follies were huge revues on Broadway that ran for over-twenty years during the early 1900s. They often featured beautiful women and fanciful costumes. Fanny Brice, I actually find rather beautiful, but she was not the classic beauty of time, became sort of the “comic relief” during some of the early years of the show. When Funny Girl was being cast, they were originally going to cast another actress for the role of Fanny, but she was not a singer and planned to talk sing the songs. I can’t remember who, I heard the story long ago, but the person writing the songs

was very upset about their songs be talk-sung and wrote the songs as very difficult to sing. This is when Barbra was brought in. After the show ran it was made into a film that Barbra Streisand won an Oscar for. This was her big break, and from there she went to make many albums (I own almost every album she released on vinyl.) direct, produce, and star in numerous films.  She is a fucking legend and badass multi-talented woman.

barbra looking hot

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: When Barbra sings she breathes between phrases. If you are a classically trained singer you will most likely be taught not to do that. That is one of the reasons Barbra Streisand voice sounds so powerful, she uses a lot of breathe. On her first album the sound designer was editing it so you couldn’t hear her gasps for breathe, Barbra heard it, hated it, made him change it.. the lady knows what she wants.
(Can we take a moment and admire how Barbra looks mad hot in this picture.)

Fanny Brice

Fanny Brice

My interest in theatre led me to audition for Drama Program a local Junior High School provided (Audition for Junior high, what the fuck? I know. I know.). Meaning twice a week I got to take a double period class of theatre. It was pretty incredible, I learned all about Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams(A playwright), Playwrighting, and lots more. I believe I retained the information from that class more than any other class I took during my NYC public school experience.

 For my audition into that program I had to do a monologue. I did a monologue Lucy doesin the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”.

The only Barbra Streisand vinyl I do not own. An old friend mocked before and called me and said " I was at a stoopsale and they had the record you wanted, it was three dollars and I didn't buy it." He let me freak out, then said he never saw it.

The only Barbra Streisand vinyl I do not own. An old friend me mocked before and called me and said ” I was at a stoopsale and they had the record you wanted, it was three dollars and I didn’t buy it.” He let me freak out, then said he never saw it.

The monologue was about how Lucy was going to be Queen someday. At some point she talks about how she will shout out to the crowds and my parents recommended I put in the line “I’m the greatest star I am by far, but no one knows it.” They had no idea where they remembered it from, until we looked it up, turned out it was from Funny Girl. We watched it, I liked it, I forgot about it. Later on they bought me the CD from the Broadway show and there was no turning back I loved Barbra Streisand. I was already hooked on showtunes at that point, I would sing Annie at top of my lungs in the living room.

In 7th grade a friend introduced me to the movie Chicago, that was added, and musicals just kept coming. I was obsessed. I was mocked.

I carried this around in my purse. My copy was torn up as fuck.

I carried this around in my purse. My copy was torn up as fuck, very loved.

I can recall a boy who sat at my table saying “Hey, what bands do you like? Oh yea, you don’t you like Barbra Streisand!” That kid is really short and people often thought he was a jerk. Barbra Karma for the win. He also enjoyed chanting “Showtunes Suck” at me. At that point I carried the little CD- case booklets from shows like Rent, Wicked, Hairspray (I now believe I have far more sophisticated tastes in musicals, those shows are quite obnoxious, but they still hold places in my heart… I will probably write more on that later.) I was in drama and some girls I hung out with were in chorus, they liked to tell me that I couldn’t sing. I know that is fucking bullshit. I may not be amazing, but I can sing my ass off.

I never gave up on Barbra and musicals. I auditioned for musicals in high school, but favoritism is alive and well in arts-focused high schools and I was a terrible dancer and a bit shy.

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Her name is spelled Barbra and not Barbara because at the very beginning of her career she was performing at a nightclub and the newspaper asked her how she spelled her name and she said "Just make sure you spell it wrong".. I think the club had spelled her name wrong on the sign and she rolled with it and that's how she got her name.

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Her name is spelled Barbra and not Barbara because at the very beginning of her career she was performing at a nightclub and the newspaper asked her how she spelled her name and she said “Just make sure you spell it wrong”.. I think the club had spelled her name wrong on the sign and she rolled with it and that’s how she got her name.

I’ve seen Barbra in concert twice, I remember the most thrilling moment when she ran towards my nose-bleed seats to the right side of the stage during her finale as she sang the Broadway show version of “Don’t rain on my parade(Reprise)” I held binoculars up and cried. I was thirteen, probably one of the youngest people there.

It’s a lonely world, loving Barbra at my age. Plenty of people like musicals, but not the way that I do. I listen to them all the way through, choreograph them in my head, learn to sing high and low so I can play all the roles, think about the characters, become the characters. Study the format of amusical, trends in musicals. I’m hooked, addicted, mad with enthusiasm.  I’ve been working on a straight play for months now, I’ve decided to turn it into a musical, I have one song written.

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Barbra has an effect named after her. Called the Streisand Effect. Apparently something happened where the media posted something about her she didn't want publicized and made it big deal over it, therefore making it more publicized. When other celebrities/people do that sort of thing it is now called "The Streisand Effect"

RANDOM BARBRA FACT: Barbra has an effect named after her. Called the Streisand Effect. Apparently something happened where the media posted something about her she didn’t want publicized and made it big deal over it, therefore making it more publicized. When other celebrities/people do that sort of thing it is now called “The Streisand Effect”

A couple of years back I thought I was cool for a minute. People I knew all seemed to know the song “Anything Goes” and seemed to be listening to these jazzy songs I like. I really enjoy Ella Fitzgerald, as she covers a lot of Cole Porter songs. He was a showtunes composer.  Then I realized everyone had no concept of the history of that music, they were just playing the video game Fallout 3. The soundtrack from that game features old school songs. I will never be cool.

Even though I took flack, and got called weird, I now know it’s my secret power. No one can ever take that away from me.

A drawing I did of Barbra in high school. She looks like a character from that movie avatar, right?

A drawing I did of Barbra in high school. She looks like a character from that movie avatar, right?

It makes me alive.

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Different Kinds Of Death

Just remember its not real,

Where is the stapling of the pages,

Or the licking of the envelope seal.

Its not a done deal,

Its not real,

Its not real.


Crowds, the masses

Tell you

What you wish was not true,

You knew you knew the sky would become a different shade of blue,

One day one day

Your goodbyes were overdue

Time to start a-new

Chapter seven was over and through.

Now heartbreak shoo shoo shoo.


Missing you,

Which you?

The dead one?

Which kind of setting sun?

The way one’s absract

Leaves their body to rot.

Or the ones that forgot the way they could make my belly quiver and warm,

Like a buzzard swarm,

Their core was ripped and torn.

I’ve sworn I will always care, I will always care.

To the day my memory might be gone and bare,

But until then what do we have to share?

What is left there?

I look into your iris, the one still alive with oxygen,

And stare. I find your glare to be cold,

I remember one day I dreamed we’d grow old,

But on top of your light, it is covered by tar colored mold.

I’m sold on the love, I’m sold on the commitment I made,

To always make you jade tea when you’ve become sick of the unpredicatable sea that is life.

This is why  people these days  never take a wife,

Because even if their bodies are still here,

The thing you admired might disappear.


Death of the inside,

I have to much pride

To give up on the ones I promised.


But what of the ones who promised my body,

Told me they’d care until our bodies got sody

And we decomposed,

We’d become what some called barbarians,

We’d be declothed,

My first reponse is,

Those lucifarians,

How dare they promise and leave,

This is when my nostalgia, my heart, my yellow,

It aches and grieves,

But then I glance at what looks to be a simple leaf.


The patterns,

All stem from one line,

I see this as a sign, that those who’ve have died in anyway,

Bodies gone or changed day by day,

Are connected to me,

The person I used to see has added to the branches of my tree,

I will continue to branch off the line I began,

Each line its own, but a-like,

It grow, the branches ,the patterns into who I will be


Each life that enters,

Possibly unconsciously lends me a piece of their centers.

Our moments together

Can never be severed.

The main channels of my brain television may forget this minor incision,

But the inner-wires have made their decision,

To hold on.


A piece is left in me.

A piece is left in me.

I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget.

I’ll never regret.

It was worth it,

To sit upon your invisible lap and to for maybe just a mill-second,

Fill the hole in my gut.

Even if you’re in a rut, never to climb out, without a doubt, I will do my best,

To call upon the rest,

The best of you in my mind,

Come to your aid with a heart mild-mannered jade smile.

I just wish you’d do the same for me, after its been a while.


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