Gluten Free Kale Band goes to Bernieing Sanders Man 2015:A Media Streaming announcement.

imageHello folks! Greetings from the hippie van! Your favorite universe channeling improv music group Gluten Free Kale is imageon our way to Asheville for this dope festival called Bernieing Sanders Man! Activities include ayahuasca workshops brainstorming universal health care plans. Bernie Sanders plans to announce his decision to try and get medicinal psychedelic trip’s covered under health insurance at this festival. We believe it will truly get the youth vote. He also intends to in-state Burning Man accessibility meaning burning man will no longer be for only the top 1% of hippies.

Queen Quinoa and Recycling  the members of Gluten Free Kale Will be media streaming the whole trip down and will be showing you not the minimum wage of fun they’re having in photos, videos and recordings

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Follow our hashtags! #BernieSanders2016 #BernieingSandersMan #HilaryClintonIsARepublican #GlutenFreeKale #HippieBullshit #RecyclingandQueenQuinoa #Recycling #QueenQuinoa #DonaldChump

Full List of Activities and Events at Bernieing Sanders Man

– Flaming Bonfire of Military Expenditures

– Performance of  “Communist Manifesto The Musical”

– Colonel Bernie Sanders Chicken Cook Off

– Legalize Potluck (bring you favorite thc induced dish)

– “Dirty, Clean, Hard, Wet and just Plain Easy ;)” an experiment using orgy powered generators – also known as “fuck the two person relationship system”

– Corporate Accountability Spit Roast

– Democratic Circle Jerk led by Senator John Kerry

– Pin the Toupee on the Bigot – A Donald Trump Study (also for kids!)

– Fudge Drive

-Walrus Party

– For the Kids: Marxist and Me Classes, “Hilary Clinton is actually a Republican” a puppet show (puppets made out of voting ballets)and Konsensus 4 Kids.

Please follow us on our Bernie Sanders adventure if you’re interested will be attending Birding man next month (in Portland!) an alternative birdwatching festival.


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@2kedalow Alien, Manipulator of Color and fields of vision, Merperson, Pixie with some giants blood, Neverland Travel Agent.
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