What I wish was happening in the world (Part 1: Food, Basic Needs and Money)

People like to call me negative.

I’ll admit it. I am negative as fuck. I am as cynical as the worst of them. I’ll admit this is my biggest flaw. However, I do not think I am aimlessly negative. I do not think I’m negative to be negative or maybe it started out for good reasons and has turned into a shitty habit, but anyway I am going to go into what kinds of things I wish were happening in the world.

I wish money did not exist. Or at least I wish money existed in a different way than it does today. It appears to me the capitalist myth is that if you work hard you will be able to make a lot of money. I know plenty of people who work really hard, but maybe didn’t have enough money, weren’t able to get a scholarship, didn’t want to fuck themselves over by taking out loans, but still worked hard at whatever job they could find. It can be hard to get a decent paying job, even if one is willing to work their ass off.

No matter what kind of job someone has they are slaves to money. Money represents whether or not someone is able to have their basic needs. Money in our society seems to be worth more than food and shelter. Its fucking pathetic honestly. Money has become god. We worship that fucker.

Money bitch

“Alright, alright young and idealist kid, what do you suppose we do instead of money.”

I’d like to get rid of money, but most people can’t even handle this concept. When I was in college for five minutes I mentioned in a class that it would probably be interesting to live in a world without money. This girl starts freaking out going “So then how would I pay my bills?”

This tells me most people just don’t get it. If people need to worship their money god then I think basic necessities should be free. Food, shelter, water, clothing (not for fashion reasons, but warmth reasons.) Luxuries should be what we use money for, electronics(though internet should be free to access, because information should be free) fashionable clothing, etc. Although if I had it my way we’d kill advertising and most people wouldn’t be buying crap they really don’t need. Although I should mention I think technology is pretty awesome, I am not shitting on educational electronics.

Food, shelter, water. These things are already free to people who are very poor, but lets face it, its really fucking substandard. Most homeless shelters are dangerous or really crowded, who wants to try and live there with their kids? A miserable life, no one should have to do that.


Food. A big one for me. Food stamps exist, but I once met a woman with a family of four, it is difficult to feed a family of four with under 200 a month. You can, but healthy food is expensive. Organic food and non-GMO food is expensive. Is health for the rich? Is having access to healthy food a privilege? It fucking shouldn’t be.

People seem to think there isn’t enough food to go around. There is. Its just in a fucking dumpster. A lot of food gets thrown out. I know a co-house in Washington DC where they dumpster a large majority of their food so that everyone in their house can afford to live there. They all have various levels of income. Therefore making their living situation not super classist.

Alright I’ve talked a bunch of shit about the system.

Some of my possibly not completely thought out solutions:

I want to buy one of those smaller islands off of New York City and build giant Vertical Farming towers. I think it would be cool if it was run kind of like a food co-op. If you work there a certain number of hours a month food is free to you. I’m sure we’d have to organize things a little more to make sure everyone got a fair share,  but it could work. People with disabilities could be given jobs that don’t require physical labor so that it is inclusive as possible.

I also think we should be using big chunks of Central Park and Prospect Park to have huge community gardens. Homeless folks or whoever could work there and be able to actually survive without having to deal with money. Saving the seeds every year would prevent the need to buy more seeds.

^These ideas may be hard to reach, but I can dream and speak about it. I am also working on a project with my house THE FAY to neutralize the soil in our area (It has tons of lead in it) We want to give people food autonomy by giving them a garden and teaching them about growing their own food. I would love to get a grant to do that, unfortunately this plays into the money system..

Tune in next time for “What I wish was happening in the world (Part Two: Education and Emotional Conditioning)”




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