Peeing in the Shower: Essay #1

When I was in 4th grade my teacher Mr. C used to say “When you’re done with my class you’ll be able to write a five paragraph essay on anything.” I decided to put that to the test. I have a list of topics ranging from mundane to bizarre.

Here is my first essay on Peeing in the Shower.

The youth of America has been burdened with the negative cultural viewpoint on the act of urinating in the shower.  This cultural taboo probably dates back many generations, my mother told me not to pee in shower and her mother just alike. Perhaps this taboo started during the Great Depression. People during this era were probably not aware of the antiseptic qualities of urine. Perhaps they feared they would have to clean out their bathtubs more often, therefore, wasting water and cleaning product than they could afford. In reality, this taboo probably started much earlier, but I’ll bet it had more to do with hygiene than anything else. No matter how this urine shower negativity came about the forbidden aspect certainly contributes to the recreation of the activity.

Should I pee in here or in the toilet like a "civilized person?"

Should I pee in here or in the toilet like a “civilized person?”

   It’s the reason children grow up to be pot smoking, alcohol drinking, and, in extreme cases, heroin shooting teenagers. Their psychologically uneducated parental figures told them “Do not do drugs. Drugs are bad!” The inner-rebel has a tendency to set in sometimes after age twelve and kids want to do drugs. The desire to taste the forbidden fruit lies deep down in all of us, for some it stays dormant. For most, this desire probably exists long before the pre-teen years, just the whole “Just Say No” thing is rammed into our heads before we can even contemplate what a drug might be.  Peeing in the shower? Now that is a lot less talked about. There are not cute little cartoons on TV telling us not to pee in the shower, just this mild cultural negativity towards such an act.

                Lets face it, sometimes taking a piss in the shower is just down right convenient. In the winter time, in a poorly heated home, the shower can be the greatest source of warmth around. Say you’re talking a wonderful hot shower after a long freezing day and you feel the urge to pee come on. You wouldn’t want to get out of your comfort zone and walk on the icy floor, now would you? It’s ridiculous to go through all that trouble when there is a drain right in front of you. We’ve all done it. The whole idea that it might piss off your ma and poppy probably adds to the experience. Even if you’re well into your thirties you’re most likely subconsciously effected by the piss off parents factor.

                There are folks that take this Eve’s Apple urine in shower complex to the next level. You can bet that anything forbidden will turn inti a ridiculous or not so ridiculous fetish in comparison to others. Golden shower’s is actually a huge thing. This means some people enjoy being pissed on or pissing on by their sexual partners. This is mild compared to the infamous bug-hunters- people who get turned on by the idea of getting AIDS. Golden showers in the actual shower is probably be the most hygienic way to go about experimenting with this fetish. Once the game is played and done, both partners (or more) could rinse off right afterwards and would not have to worry about cleaning sheets with piss all over them. Urinating in a shower that is used by multiple people might actually be hygienic. Often sharing showers without washing them can be a great way to spread foot fungi. Urine has some antiseptic qualities and could potential clear a shower of foot diseases. However, urine is only sterile to its original carrier, so this might not be the best idea.

                The taboo against urinating in the shower is just another way “the man” is trying to keep us in boxes. The man wants us to fear what can be good for us and what can be fun. Fun is not alright unless we are paying for it. Of course as mentioned earlier, some might feel they are spending more money by having to clean piss out of the shower. The antiseptic quality of piss is not a widespread idea and they certainly make sure pee is “icky” to little children. Of course the system may be profiting off the “pee in shower” idea, forcing the old fashioned adults to buy more cleaning products when their children take up the habit. I remember a character in the children’s movie Jimmy Neutron happily peeing in the shower, probably influencing quite a few children to pee in the shower. Cultural taboos have never done us any good. Look at what’s been going on with marijuana! Marijuana has multitudes of healing properties. Your parents were wrong.


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