Art-Sharing Communard

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I live in an income-sharing community. I am happy to share money, space, food, clothing, and more with many people.

"Chrysanthemum" mostly by Piera Yerkes and some by Belladonna Took Edalow

“Chrysanthemum” mostly by Piera Yerkes and some by Belladonna Took Edalow

"The Circle of Soap" by Belladonna Took Edalow and Piera Yerkes

“The Circle of Soap” by Belladonna Took Edalow and Piera Yerkes

Somewhat recently, it was brought to my attention that I am god awful at sharing artistically.


Close ups of "The Circle of Soap" Close up of “The Circle of Soap”

First, I got into a brief disagreement with someone I live with because they added to a piece I drew on the walls in a public space. I got upset. I think we took about ten minutes to ourselves. I originally did not want to talk about it yet, but then I decided I probably should. I knew I really had no good reason to be upset. This person believed the walls in the space were for public use and was supposed to be a large collaboration. I said that I liked the idea of that, but I had a hard time dealing with it in reality.

Then I was Dungeon Master for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and someone who was helping me a bit with the technical aspect told me he felt I did not really let him put any of his ideas into the campaign. He said that I seemed a bit possessive of my creative projects.  In this specific instance I was not aware of his desire to collaborate more artistically or maybe I was, but chose to be blind to it. Either way, I realized it was something I needed to think about.

I want to share. Creating is a beautiful thing and I love bringing people together, so why not bring people together using my favorite activity? Arting!

I started by giving the person I had the original disagreement with a painting that they could add to any time they want. I am hoping this will be a back and forth project that could possibly go on for a while.

I decided to paint a collaborative painting with another friend. We were talking a lot about life experiences and what it is like relating to people, so we decided to make that the theme of our collaboration. It ended up being about different stages of a life. We wrote a lot of poetic words on it. The painting shows life stages such as pre-life, the egg coming down from the fallopian tube, the sperm coming to fertilize it, and the spirit world after life.

It was very generous of Piera to let me add to her piece. I was not brave enough to let her add to any of my already started pieces. It is something I am continuously thinking about and working towards.

Belladonna and Piera collaborating quite well.

Belladonna and Piera collaborating quite well.

A Work in Progress.. A Belladonna Took Edalow solo-piece

A Work in Progress.. A Belladonna Took Edalow solo-piece

I use art as therapy and I think it is important for me to have some pieces that I work on solely by myself, pieces that are reflections of my own personal experiences, feelings, and thoughts. However, I am quickly learning it is important to have a balance. I can learn a lot and open up my creative filters more when collaborating with another being.

I highly recommend this thing called collaboration.

Many different close-ups of Chrysanthemum by Piera Yerkes and sort of  Took Edalow (me!)

Close up of Painting IMG_1492 IMG_1491 IMG_1490Close ups of "Chrysanthemum" IMG_1515


 IMG_1487  IMG_1485 IMG_1484


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