The Terrible Capitalization of Creativity and how to say FUCK DAT SHIT

As I’ve posted before I live on a commune, a commune where I use everyone else’s junk to make art. I usually use this stuff in combination with a variety of expensive art supplies. By most peoples standards I use the cheap kinds of supplies, I buy the .65 cent – 2 dollar craft/acrylic paint from Michael’s and the cheapest largest brush kits I can find. I never buy colored pencils that aren’t the 4 dollar artist loft brand. I straight up don’t use oils, maybe one day soon. I am moving to a room on the commune that has two windows, I will get better ventilation, but I am the type to get paint in my mouth and be too focused to care, this is hardly safe with acrylic, but I won’t die. With oils, even without eating it I might pull a Van Gogh and cut off a body part. My partner would find that so romantic I’m sure.

That supplies is fucking expensive, especially living off the stipend. I don’t have to worry about my basic and even some un-basic necessities (FRESH KALE!!!). The stipend is for luxuries like terrible cereal and art supplies. I’d like to save my money so I can get a decent video camera, or a ukulele. To get decent ones it can be pretty expensive. Pretty DAMN expensive. So I’ve been looking into ways to be creative while spending little to no money, and maybe, you know, fucking the system a bit while doing so. The country wants to charge me to be creative and I say fuck that fucking shit.

I took a trip to Loews to purchase some paints with two of my friends. While I was there I walked around the area where they have those little paint chips. And started taking them in 100’s! All the colors I could possibly think of, there they were, colored paper!All the magnificent possibilities


Postcard- Used mod-podge and cut-out pieces of other paint chip cards to make the image. (got some paint on the corner.. looks kind of cool)

goodthank youcards

Thank you notes!


Back of the thank you notes- advertisements covered with more post-card sized paint chips.


Covering the advertisements with the shipping stickers.

First one, was these fantastic post-card sized ones! I’ve started making postcards out them by gluing on shapes cut out of the other paint chips. I still had to use some pricey materials, I first tried to use Elmer’s Glue, but it dried kind of ugly. Then I tried using simply mod-podge and it came out a lot  nicer. I also tried painting the stupid advertisements on the back, that kind of worked. I tried a few other methods that seemed to work better. One was gluing a whole other card to back.  I made funky thank-you notes for people who’d helped on the commune.

We use a postage meter that prints postage onto these little stickers that we then put on out packages. That is another way I have covered the advertisement, using the blank stickers.

Many wonderful people have been helping us repair our main building post-arson and I have been making them thank you cards with the paint chips. I figured it was fitting because one of the main jobs was re-painting the walls. It sort of goes with the theme.

I have also been using the papers to paint furniture for one of my fellow communards! Not completely finished yet, but SOON. (And then I will post pictures of the multiple pieces of furniture I’ve been painting.)

top of furniture

Sort of Ganesh inspired. The center of the flower is made out of cut outs from the paint chips

I would also like to say that I would gladly send a free post card to anyone who wants one. Please email me at if you would be interested. I promise I won’t do anything else with your address.. Its up to you!

leg furniture

The leg of the furniture. Flower made out of paint chip cut-ou

flower furniture

Close up on the flower.

Thanks for reading friends.


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  1. Allen Enlow says:

    Keep up the great work!

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