The Media and Psychology Of Chosen Oneism

If you read my earlier post  Jesus Impersonator’s, Siddhartha’s Reincarnate, and The American Epidemic of Chosen Oneism you will find my rant on the symptoms of Chosen Oneism. The psychological epidemic of believing you are the Messiah, or somewhat spiritually superior to everyone else. Here I will rant about some more of psychological theories.

Its possible these modern-messianic practitioners came out of the womb simply craving approval. I think we all do, this is America. However, I think there is more to it than just that and the twitter-factor. Video-Games. Super awesome in my opinion. More engaging for some people and that is wonderful. The newest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, is a fantastic piece of art. Someone once told me that “true art”(fuck that term) is characterized by its ability to say something about the time period it was made in. Skyrim came out a little bit after the whole Occupy Wall Street ordeal and what is Skyrim about? Power struggle, at least from my understanding. Now that I’ve given video games their stamp of artistic approval I can tell you how they have contributed to our psychological epidemic.

Like I said before, video games are extremely engaging! In most Role-Play Games that I’ve played you’re generally a single character with an extremely important quest to complete. In fact you, yourself are the “special” in someway. YOU are needed to save all the other characters from a post-apocalyptic disaster, infestation of murderous mythical creatures, etc.  You usually have all kind of tools or magic to aid you. They come complete with dramatic Matrix-like cut-scenes. Here the very blue-pill(typical) lines come out of the “chosen ones” mouth in the scene where they discover they special “how do you know my name?”, ” B-b-but, what could I do to save everyone from the dragon?”. Usually some other character, often a wise old Dumbledore-type gives you equally as cliche answers and words of encouragement. These games are easy to get addicted to for a little while… or a very long while. When Skyrim came out many people I know did not leave their house for months, understandably of course.

Now here is where the problem lies, kids be fucking crazy these days or they are just kids until….. Parents have their kids on meth and all kinds of SRI’s from the second they have a single feeling or thought that is not inside the box. We have no idea how these substances effect their brains, fuck we don’t even know how the serotonin naturally made in our brains work. How the hell would we understand shit about how a child’s developing brain would be effected by psycho-pharmaceuticals? In case you didn’t get it, we don’t understand in the slightest. Then when our kids try to ask us questions about real- life we can’t deal with it because we forgot to take our Prozac this morning. How do we solve such an issue? We put them in front a computer to discover the world of pornography and video games. A child, on drugs and with no real guidance is bad news. HEY HONEY I’VE GOT A GREAT IDEA, lets put them in front of a fake universe where they can be shamans, wizards, and all kind of magical beings. That is fucking awesome, imagination is a really positive thing! However, when someones primary social life exists on World of Warcraft its got to fuck with their perception of the non-computer world. Especially when we fast forward to adult teen years/early twenties. They’ve been more present in the warcraft world since they were small and they’ve just begun to make new friends and their friend sticks a tab of acid on their tongue.

With LSD comes great responsibility. No, more like abstract ideas about philosophy, often leading to some sort of eastern religion or magical thinking. Now lets combine that with the  years of other random drugs and fake world’s where they are the chosen-ones. I see a potential result of Chosen-Oneism and we didn’t even include facebook in that equation. This is just my theory and what I’ve noticed about many of the people I would say behave as though they are spiritually superior.

The main issue I have with all of this, is that although I like to keep it under wraps I am a tad bit spiritual. I believe that ALL people have the ability to be empathic or highly intuitive and to get in touch with a higher part of themselves. Be connected to nature, all that lovely stuff. Part of my spirituality is the belief that no one is superior to one another. Some people are just more susceptible to certain strengths, but all of us have the abilities and purpose. I am very turned-off by the egotistical tendencies of many spiritual people I’ve met.  I do have to say I am grateful for the characters with chosen-oneism I have met. I do not think I would have reached the place I am in my life spiritually without them. It showed me exactly what I do not want to do. I of course still might know nothing at all, because I am superior to no one and that includes them. They have value too.

I’ve got some great tales about some of the Charles Manson contemporaries. More stories to come.


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