The Spiralities

My head might explode. My belly might Its the end I can feel thats it coming.

The worlds going to end. Don’t you know?

Proof. Is that what you want? Proof?

Just look at a spiral ya schmuck. Start at the end of the spiral and go inwards. Living, physical, objective proof that the universe is speeding up getting faster. It will hit that center point and then it is over. The Mayans got the date wrong. Its fucking coming and don’t you try to tell me otherwise. I refuse to be an ignorant conformist like the likes of you. We’ve known the world was coming since the tabs hit our tongues. The end will also be the beginning.

The idiots have it wrong. Its not a circle. Its a spiral.

We must go underground. Fallout 3 is our digital planning manual. Don’t you try to call it a game.


About coloredstatic

@2kedalow Alien, Manipulator of Color and fields of vision, Merperson, Pixie with some giants blood, Neverland Travel Agent.
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